Topspin Partners LBO Acquires VersaTron Veterinary Business

June 3, 2009. Roslyn Heights, NY – Topspin LBO today announced that it had partnered with Integris, LLC to acquire the veterinary business of SANUWAVE, Inc. The acquired veterinary business will be named Pulse Veterinary Technologies, LLC.

Pulse Veterinary Technologies will focus solely on the veterinary market opportunity, with improved service to the equine market and expansion of the technology into the small animal market. The top selling products of Pulse Veterinary Technologies includes the VersaTron® family of pulsed energy therapeutic products. The VersaTron® is the preferred shock wave device of leading equine practitioners and has been proven safe and effective in more equine studies and clinical trials than any other shock wave system. The use of the VersaTron® in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders aids in healing by stimulating the body’s regeneration process.

Topspin LBO worked with Integris, LLC an independent sponsor, on the transaction. Integris, LLC is led by Richard Effress, who will become Chairman of Pulse Veterinary Technologies. Prior to Integris, Mr. Effress co-founded and served as Chairman and CEO of MedSource Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of manufacturing and engineering services and supply chain management solutions to the medical device industry.

Leigh Randall, Managing Director of Topspin LBO, said, “This investment is a great addition to our portfolio. We invested in Pulse Veterinary Technologies because we believe the company has a significant growth opportunity, and has a talented management team to capitalize on the opportunity in the veterinary field. The company has a stable base of business in the equine market, and ample growth opportunities internationally and in the small animal market.”

Mr. Effress stated “This transaction will help grow the VersaTron product family – an extremely safe, efficacious and robust therapy that provides veterinarians an ease-of-use treatment option. The technology is the most studied of all pulsed energy systems in the veterinary field, and the field’s thought leaders are among our many satisfied users and clinician partners.”

Topspin LBO

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Pulse Veterinary Technologies, LLC

Pulse Veterinary Technologies, LLC, located in Alpharetta, Ga., is a privately held company which develops and markets innovative, non-invasive therapies for the veterinary market. The company’s principal technology is the VersaTron® family of products for the management of a variety of musculoskeletal disorders causing chronic pain and lameness. For more information, please visit

“Topspin’s expertise and strategic guidance, together with the hard work of the JD Beauty employees and management team, laid the foundation for the rapid growth we are experiencing today.”

Jeff Davidson, CEO of JD Beauty (Wet Brush)