Targeted Investing in Strong Consumer Brands

We invest in strong companies that operate in sectors we either know or readily understand. A deep understanding is, in our view, critical to both making sound investment decisions and thereafter providing valuable advice and guidance to our portfolio companies.


Company SizeCompany Size

  • Revenues below $100 million.
  • EBITDA: $3 million – $15 million for new investments.
  • No minimum for add-ons to existing portfolio companies.

Company CharacteristicsCompany Characteristics

  • Consistent revenue and earnings growth with future growth drivers.
  • Strong gross margins providing evidence of pricing power and defensibility.
  • Innovative or unique way to address an existing market need.
  • Disruptive offerings in consumer segments.
  • Non-cyclical; non-fad driven products.


  • Platforms headquartered in the U.S.
  • Add-on throughout the world.

Equity Investment SizeEquity Investment Size

  • $10 million to $50 million in equity.
  • Larger investments possible with co-investors and follow-on investments.

Transaction TypesTransaction Types

  • We seek to be the primary institutional capital and require a controlling or significant minority stake in our investments.
  • We make a distinction between shareholder control, and day-to-day operating leadership and decision-making (the role of our management teams).

“Topspin’s expertise and strategic guidance, together with the hard work of the JD Beauty employees and management team, laid the foundation for the rapid growth we are experiencing today.”

Jeff Davidson, CEO of JD Beauty (Wet Brush)